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Release and Approval of the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Report (FEIS/EIR)

The FEIS/EIR was published in July 2016.   The State Certificate of Compliance was issued in July and the Federal Record of Decision issued in September thus formally ending the State and Federal environmental reviews. Subsequent phases of project implementation, to include submission of permit applications, will now begin.
Click here to view the Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report
Click here to view the Appendices

Record of Decision

Cape Cod National Seashore Superintendent George Price announced that the Record of Decision (ROD) for the Herring River Restoration Project has been signed by Michael Caldwell, Regional Director for the National Park Service (NPS) Northeast Region. RODs are formal decision documents resulting from National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reviews. Once a ROD is signed by the regional director, the NEPA process formally ends, and subsequent phases of project implementation may begin.
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MEPA Certificate

The Certificate of the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs on the Final Environmental Report (FEIR) was published on July 15th.  It certifies that the FEIR complies with the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act.  The Certificate provides a summary of the review process, project background and an analysis of the project proposal.
Click here to view the MEPA Certificate

Project Fact Sheets

New fact sheets on the Project Summary (includes details on the State and Federal approvals and next steps), the effect of the project on the Wellfleet Landfill (tidal restoration will not affect the landfill and other key information have now been updated.
Click here to view updated fact sheets.

Flyover of the Herring River Estuary

A five minute Flyover of the Herring River Estuary is now on a YouTube Video. It was produced by Roland Duhaime at the University of Rhode Island with help from FHR Board Member, John Portnoy. The flyover will be shown at the beginning of each of the summer library seminar series.  We welcome your comments.

Note that you can select to have it run at High Definition quality by clicking on the gear icon at the base of the video. You will then need to select 780p HD.
Click here to view the video.

"Our Cape Cod Salt Marshes" by Dorothy Sterling

In 1976, Dorothy Sterling, a Wellfleet resident and author, wrote a book titled "Our Cape Cod Salt Marshes" in cooperation with The Association to Preserve Cape Cod.  It's a wonderful history and description of our local marshes.
Click here to view a copy, or check it out in the Wellfleet Library.  Well worth reading.