Friends of Herring River
Wellfleet and Truro, Massachusetts
Project Summary for Friends of Herring River

Project Summary

The essential feature of the project is to replace the Chequesset Neck Dike with a bridge and control structure to allow managed increases in tidal flow. Other restrictions to tidal flow will be removed or modified and flood protection measures will be taken to protect private property.

Once the new control structure is constructed, an adaptive management plan will be implemented. It is an important tool for resource management based on the understanding that scientific knowledge is limited and a level of uncertainty always exists. It is a monitoring system to determine whether management actions are meeting project goals and if not allowing management changes to ensure success of the project.

Conceptual Restoration Plan

Several years ago the Herring River Technical Committee (HRTC), including a Stakeholder's Group, developed the technical issues, engaged local residents in addressing individual and community issues and produced a Conceptual Restoration Plan (CRP). The CRP served as the basis for approval by the Boards of Selectmen of Wellfleet and Truro and the Cape Cod National Seashore to proceed with detailed planning.

The Conceptual Restoration Plan contains a project overview and description, the existing environment and assessment of the project impact, and much more.

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